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Nov F2 Snowboard Board snowboard

300 EUR

For sale by: Aleksandar Stojanoski 18 Nov 13:53 Delete, Edit or Renew Your Ad
Snowboard Board сноуборд германска компанија.

TNT is a great free-style snowboard with which you can light the turbo and create tricks in the park and beyond. TNT is among the top models of the F-TWO, which offers stability and excellent performance at a good price.
Style of riding - freestyle - park and track
The twin tip tip and tail are the same length and width with a radial side curve, allowing the board to move equally in both directions, making it ideal for tricks, jumps and fun in the park but also easy to ride on a runway.
Wing Rocker - a center-of-the-board rocker and two camper sections under the automats make it extremely manoeuvrable and ideal for freestyle performances and at the same time stable when riding a track.
G50 Heavy Duty Core Sandwich Design - a combination of lightweight wood core and super-sturdy and flexible HDC matrix
along the entire length make the board stable in every situation. Biax Glas high-gloss, scratch-resistant and soft-tangled, makes the ride smooth and smooth.
Hardness - TNT has a medium hardness (5 on the scale of 1 to 10) a good combination of the right flexibility for freestyle and enough rigidity for riding and track.
length - 159cm
effective edge - 1260mm
width at the top - 301.3mm
waist - 255mm
tail width - 301.3mm
Aleksandar Stojanoski
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