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For E-Shop Owners

Here you will find all of the information you should need as a retailer. You can also access previous reseller newsletters.

Helpful Links

  • Price Files - Instructions
    To list products on Shopping, a price file containing information regarding your products is required. Creating an accurate price file is simple with these easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Bidding in Shopping Categories
    Some categories are labeled as Shopping categories. These differ from our traditional categories (such as TVs and Appliances). Here, as a retailer, you can affect your listing’s visibility by bidding.
  • This Year's E-Retailers
    Being designated as one of This Year's E-Retailers is not only a fine distinction, but also conveys a higher sense of customer security which leads to more sales.
  • Purchase Protection
    Make sure that your prospective customers feel safe to shop at your store by offering Pazar3's Purchase Protection.

    Return Policy

  • Coupons
    Are you currently offering or considering providing coupon codes or discounts to your customers? We can help you to promote them on Pazar3 Shopping.
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