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GTX 1080 w/ Warranty garancija 2019

33 000 МКД

Се продава од: Okan 24 окт. 18:27 Избриши, измени или обнови го твојот оглас
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Selling a Factory OC Gigabyte G1 - GTX 1080
The card is in great condition, 3 fans and LED lights.

The card is under warranty so if you have any concerns send it straight to service.
But as mentioned above the card is in great condition and the warranty is until March of 2019!
The card can be shipped to around 100km Radius around Tetovo or you can come and pick it up, whatever suits you best.

Please make a phone call if you have any questions regarding the card.
Some specs in case you play those games:

Dota 2: 120+ fps Max settings 1440p
Grand theft Auto V Online: ~90FPS Max settings 1440p
Fortnite: 200+ FPS Epic settings 1440p
Counter-Strike: GO 200+ FPS Max Settings 1440p
Battlefield 1: 100+ FPS Max settings 1440p
Those tests were done with a i7 6700k processor, your performance may vary slightly.

If you're interested please make a phone call at:
You may speak Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish or even English.
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