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Georgeus Detached House in Gostivar Macedonia

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280 000 ЕУР

Број на соби: 7
Површина: 341 m2
Број на спратови: 3 спрат
Греење: Струја
Локација: Гостивар
What you are looking at is an amazing villa built in 2007.
No matter what you wanna do, if you wanna have a home for your big family or just want to have a nice holiday residence, this is the house which will make your dream true.

This huge house comes with three floors consisting of four rooms plus one huge residence room, which is connected to the kitchen, four balconys, two bathrooms, one garage, a basement and a garden.

The house itself has 341 m2, the total area is 600 m2.

In the completly furnished residence room you will find a fireplace and a whole kitchen.
The stairway leads you to the second floor with four rooms.
In the middle of the ceiling is a chandelier wich donates warm comfortable light.
The whole house is secured with a modern security system and with an electric gate.
The city is reachable in five to ten minutes by walking.

If you are interested, you can contact us at the phone number written here.
The price is negotiable, a bit.
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