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There are many new ads in different categories that are being registered on Pazar3 on a daily basis, as we are the biggest advertiser in the country. No matter if you are searching by keyword за двор,category Furniture, Accessories and Interior Decorations,or location, Pazar3 is the right place for you because our website has many users and numbers a lot of ads in many different categories. As the biggest online space for advertising, Pazar3 allows you to buy or sell in an easy and simple way!

Have a look at all of the ads based on your search: за двор | All | Furniture, Accessories and Interior Decorations | or register an ad now saying what it is that you buy or sell, and use all of the advantages that come by advertising on Pazar3.

18 Jun 12:41 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Stolici za dvor

14 Jun 11:32 Tables and Chairs  ·  Veles

Garnitura za vo dvor

24 000 MKD

15 May 13:27 Store Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Stolici za terasa ili dvor

30 Aug 11:54 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Set za gradina ili terasa

4 000 MKD

02 Aug 13:48 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Chair

Столица и чадор за во двор

5 000 MKD

24 Jul 21:43 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Kisela Voda

Kлупи за двор

3 000 MKD

23 Mar 15:02 Other  ·  Ohrid

Лежалка за во двор/плажа

3 000 MKD

01 Dec 17:14 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom

Garnitura od bambus

8 000 MKD

10 Jul 12:28 Tables and Chairs  ·  Štip

Рачно изработени дрвени клупи и маси

12 000 MKD

03 Dec 23:28 Other  ·  Štip

Stolcinja za vo dvor

1 450 MKD

17 Jul 23:15 Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom

Izrabotka na vgradeni i nadzemni drveni bazeni

3 500 EUR

21 Jun 18:15 Other  ·  Tetovo

Drveni nisalki

200 EUR

04 May 13:36 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje

Маса со 6 столици

13 000 MKD

03 May 21:32 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje

Маса со 5 столчиња за во двор

12 500 MKD

08 Apr 13:45 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Gazi Baba

Mebel za trpezarija

9 000 MKD

27 Jan 11:29 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje

Masa so stolici za vo dvor

50 EUR

22 Aug 13:38 Doors, Windows and Lighting  ·  Kočani

Врата од ковано железо

3 000 MKD

17 Aug 19:20 Art and Antiques  ·  Skopje  ·  Gjorce Petrov

Drvena kuka za ptici

850 MKD

03 Aug 15:56 Other  ·  Tetovo  ·  Brvenica


29 Jun 13:03 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje  ·  Gazi Baba

Garnituri za vo dvor

21 Jun 23:58 Tables and Chairs  ·  Štip

Masa so klupi

150 EUR

30 Aug 15:59 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Sopište

Stolici za vo dvor ili terasa

7 500 MKD

16 Apr 11:06 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje

Kozna garnitura

10 000 MKD

14 Jul 14:02 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje

Lezalki masi i stolovi za vo dvor

3 500 MKD

13 Jul 19:44 Decorations, Coverlets and Blankets  ·  Prilep

Ukrasni zajacinja

08 Jun 10:51 Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Kisela Voda


1 000 MKD

21 Apr 12:58 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Butel

Garnitura za sedenje bambus za vo dvor

29 Mar 16:47 Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom


20 Nov 10:40 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje

Racno izrabotena Piknik Masa

8 500 MKD

20 Aug 13:58 Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar


4 800 MKD

30 Jul 16:06 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom

Garnitura za vo dvor

7 000 MKD

23 May 14:26 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje  ·  Gazi Baba


14 Apr 21:29 Other  ·  Sveti Nikole

Ukrasni figuri za vo dvor

13 Apr 20:57 Other  ·  Sveti Nikole

Ukrasni figuri za vo dvor

23 Mar 22:18 Tables and Chairs  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar


10 Jun 21:29 Art and Antiques  ·  Skopje  ·  Butel


99 EUR

26 May 10:54 Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Cador za vo dvor

4 000 MKD

14 Nov 12:02 Art and Antiques  ·  Veles

Zaprezno trkalo i masina za pisuvanje

20 Sep 15:23 Other  ·  Sveti Nikole

Ukrasni figuri za vo dvor

14 Sep 22:22 Furniture Sets  ·  Skopje

Kozna garnitura i dve fotelji

300 EUR

24 Jul 21:36 Tables and Chairs  ·  Tetovo


11 Jun 22:48 Tables and Chairs  ·  Bitola

Klupi fotelji i masi od drvo

7 500 MKD

28 Apr 12:23 Store Plants and Flowers  ·  Skopje



01 Apr 22:36 Plants and Flowers  ·  Gevgelija

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