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About Pazar3

The Founding of Pazar3

Every new concept is based on a need. Our idea to create a website that would allow Macedonian visitors to buy, sell and exchange products and services was brought to life in the summer of 2006 with the official launch of the Pazar3 platform. Its release was accompanied by huge success, and the number of visitors grew daily. Today, Pazar3 is the leading internet marketplace in Macedonia with 70,000 visitors posting 1,600 new ads every day.

Pazar3 Business Model

Pazar3’s business model aims to provide a simple, effective and safe form of advertisement. Through the Pazar3 website, both companies and Macedonian citizens have the opportunity to buy, sell and exchange items and services on a scope they have never experienced before. The objective of Pazar3 is to continuously enhance the user experience of online advertisement.

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