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General Terms and Conditions for Advertising

Rules for Advertisement

Private Advertisement

Private advertisement is for individuals with the legal right to enter into buy and sell contracts. Private advertisement must be done in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Organization for Consumer Protection law and other consumer-related Macedonian regulations.

Pazar3 reserves the right to decide when an advertisement should be classified as a private advertisement.

Company Advertisement

Company advertisement is for use by VAT-registered companies in Macedonia or abroad. Pazar3 reserves the right to decide when an advertisement should be classified as a company advertisement. According to the law for prohibition and prevention of doing unregistered activity, article 8: When the advertiser is creating an ad, he/she is obligated to indicate the identification data: a document from an adequate institution (Central Registry in Macedonia) for registration of an adequate activity or a document for registered activity - a proof for registration in appropriate registry of activity for individuals. (2) Publishing an ad is prohibited if the ordering party does not submit identification data in accordance with paragraph 1 of this article. The determination of this article does not reffer to the sale of personal used items by indiviuals through advertising.


All advertised services must be offered in accordance with the regulations and standards of Macedonia.


Your ad must be placed in the category that best describes your product or service. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are selecting a category:

  • Your ad can be declined if it is not placed in the proper category.
  • You are prohibited from advertising multiple items belonging in different categories within one single ad. You need to separate the items according to their appropriate categories.
  • Ads must be advertised under to appropriate ad-type section. An ad-type describes whether the advertised item is for sale, for rent, wanted or wanted to rent.
  • Ad-types for rental items are available in certain categories. If these options are not available, then objects that are for rent should be registered as “Sell” and objects that are wanted to rent should be registered as “Buy”.

Vehicle and Real Estate Limitations

You may not enter more than one vehicle or property per ad. Pazar3 administrators reserve the right to delete the excessive number of vehicles or properties from the listing.

Duplicate Ads

You are not allowed to post more than one ad for the same product or service at the same time. Ads that have the same content are considered duplicate, and will be deleted.

Links and Recommendations

You are not allowed to include links to other ad or auction websites. Links are allowed only if they refer to specifications of the product or service that is being advertised.

Pazar3 does not support the views and opinions expressed by websites that is linked with.

Pictures and Videos

These are the rules for uploading pictures and videos:

  • They must be relevant to the product or service that is being advertised.
  • They are not allowed to bе used in more than one ad at the same time. For vehicles, the image and video must be of the actual vehicle that is being advertised.
  • They must not contain logos, company names, websites, or other information that can be interpreted as general business marketing.
  • You may not take pictures and videos from other advertisements without the permission of the advertiser.
  • They must not contain copyrighted material such as pictures from movies or protected music.

Pazar3 reserves the right to remove images and videos from the ads if they violate these rules.

Illegal Items and Services

Pazar3 places restrictions on the items and services that can be advertised. Items and services that are illegal under Macedonian law will not be published.

Copyright Material

Copied CDs and DVDs of PC software, computer and video games, and movies are not allowed to be advertised. The sellers of these kinds of items must prove that their products are original.


According to Macedonian law, a permit is required in order to possess a weapon. This must be stated in the ad by the advertiser. (Law on Weapons Gazette No.7/05, Article 5)

Offensive Content

An ad is considered to be offensive if it has:

  • Inappropriate content directed toward ethnic groups, private people or public figures.
  • The offensive usage of historical names of ethnic groups.
  • Pictures and video clips with offensive content.


Pazar3 is not responsible for the nature of the products or services that are advertised. This responsibility is carried out solely by the seller and the buyer.

Unrealistic Offers

Pazar3 has the right to decline advertisements that contain what it considers to be unrealistic offers.


All pictures and videos are published with a Pazar3 watermark. This is to prevent them from being used in another context.

General Terms


All content on this website, such as text, pictures, logos, icons, downloads and software are the property of PAZAR3.KOM LLC and any use of them for other activities is punishable by law.

Privacy Policies

Personal Information

Personal information is data that identifies the end user. Some of your personal information will need to be provided while registering an ad and creating an account on Pazar3 is not responsible for the accuracy of the provided personal information. Pazar3 makes use of the entered information solely for the purpose the information has been provided for. If you haven’t given consent to have your information used for promotional marketing activities, the information won’t be used for that purpose. Pazar3 doesn’t share the personal information with third parties, and stores the information securely, solely for the purpose the information has been provided for.

If you are advertising on, the information required while registering an ad are:

  • Name - This is the information you have provided while registering an ad in the field Name. This information is provided by you, as a website user, and you have the whole responsibility for the correctness of the entered information.
  • E-mail address - That is your e-mail address which is not publicly visible on the website, and third parties can not access it. Your e-mail address is to be used solely for the purpose the information has been provided for, and you have agreed on while registering the ad / opening the account.
  • Contact phone number - This is your phone number that you have provided as a contact number. If you don’t like your phone number to be shown on the ad, and you don’t want your phone number to be publicly visible on the website, then, while registering the ad, you should select the option “Don’t show the phone number on the ad”. In that case, your phone number won’t be publicly visible and will solely serve for the purpose the information has been provided for, and you have agreed on while registering the ad / opening the account.
  • Location of the item being advertised - This is the city where the product is being sold / the service has been offered. For some of the ads, it is required that the full address is provided as well. The provided location will solely serve for the purpose the information has been provided for, and you have agreed on while registering the ad / opening the account.
  • While paying for an ad with a payment card, the information you provide is information that isn’t being saved by Pazar3, but it is being processed through a secure HTTPS connection using the payment processing system of Halk Bank (with which we collaborate to conduct online payments) which is certified by VISA and MasterCard for transaction processing. When the payment is being realized and the payment card information is entered, they are being processed through the secure HTTPS bank protocol and by using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Pazar3 doesn’t have any information about your payment card details.

If you are using the website as a visitor, Pazar3 isn’t collecting any of your personal information. Pazar3 only has access to the type of information that can not identify the end user in any case.

Pazar3 is taking all the measures needed to ensure the maximum safety of the end user personal information. The HTTPS security protocol is used when processing and transferring data to our servers. If you would like to check your information or to make any changes, you can do so on the website by entering your user name and password. This password is encrypted. Pazar3 doesn’t recommend sharing your password information with third parties. Your personal information is being saved on secure servers that only Pazar3 has access to. The encryption of certain sensitive data is done using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which allows us to be most secure that the transferring of your personal information is safe. Pazar3 website can not be used by minors (younger than 18 year olds). The website is designed to provide services only to adults (older than 18 year olds).

The applied Privacy Policy published on this website is based on the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of North Macedonia.The consolidated text of the Law (PDF) can be downloaded in an electronic form from the website of the directorate for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of North Macedonia (

Pazar3 strives to protect your personal data and prevent the misuse or alteration of all information it receives from its website users. However, in no case can Pazar3 guarantee that the safety measures will stop third parties from illegally collecting personal information.
Your right as a Pazar3 user, in regards to the privacy policy and personal data protection, are the right to be informed about the personal data processing, the right of deleting or modifying the personal data, the right of personal data restriction and the right of objection.

For any additional information in regards to your right of personal data protection, you can contact the Pazar3 officer for personal data protection Monika Tasevska Dimitrievska at this email address: [email protected] and phone: 00 389 78 377 677. Here you can send a request to receive information about personal data processing and request to stop the processing of personal data by e-mail or by written request sent to Pazar3 offices by providing the following information:

  • First name and Last name
  • Phone number and e-mail address
  • E-mail address to which you would like to receive the response
  • The reason why you are requesting more information about personal data processing or request to stop the processing of personal data

Pazar3 and the Police

Pazar3 collaborates with the police and other authorities in counteracting illegal activities that occur on the website. The identity of people conducting illegal activities may be revealed by recorded IP addresses, phone numbers and other information requested by official authorities.


Email is the most commonly used communication tool among Pazar3 users, but you are not required to enter your email address when you register an ad. As an advertiser, mention in the description text of the ad if you only prefer to be contacted by phone.

If you register an email address, it will be only used for sending information that is related to your advertisement.

Data Protection

We work our best to protect your personal data when you use the Pazar3 website. For the entire time the transaction is being processed, we do not have access to any kind of information such as your payment card number, its validity period, security code or your bank account balance. When you make a payment with a credit or debit card, the whole transaction is executed by the NESTPAY system, which uses the latest SSL protection technology.

Cookies/Tracking Technology

Pazar3 uses tracking technology (cookies – small text files saved on your computer) that is implemented in the advertising system and counts the unique visitors. This enables us to gather statistics about our visitors to use for internal purposes, as well as ensure that you do not view the same banner the entire time you are on the website.

The tracking technology is anonymous and does not contain personal data.

If you want to disable the tracking technology, you can do so in your browser settings. You will find these settings in the options dialog box of your browser, in the Security tab. Disabling this setting will mean that you will no longer be able to use some of Pazar3’s features.

Pazar3 also uses tracking technology to build market segments and improve the website experience based on the behavior of users. This information is anonymous and is only used for targeted marketing.

Changes in the Privacy Policies

Pazar3 reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policies or terms of use at any time. Such changes will enter into force from the moment they are published on the website.


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Tel: +389 (0) 47 55 11 66
Email: [email protected]

Keep in Mind …

  • Ads that violate the rules will not be published.
  • Delete or renew the ad if you want to advertise the same item or service.
  • Contact the Customer Care Center if you are not sure if your ad is in compliance with the rules.
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