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There are many new ads in different categories that are being registered on Pazar3 on a daily basis, as we are the biggest advertiser in the country. No matter if you are searching by keyword 500,category,or location Kičevo, Pazar3 is the right place for you because our website has many users and numbers a lot of ads in many different categories. As the biggest online space for advertising, Pazar3 allows you to buy or sell in an easy and simple way!

Have a look at all of the ads based on your search: 500 | Wanted, For rent, For sale, Wanted for rent, Looking for a job, Hiring for a job, Exchange | Kičevo or register an ad now saying what it is that you buy or sell, and use all of the advantages that come by advertising on Pazar3.

02 Apr 16:51 Real estate agency Houses and Villas  ·  Kičevo

Shtepi ne afersi te sh.f. Sande

Number of rooms: 8
10 Mar 02:21 Computer Parts and Accessories  ·  Kičevo


500 EUR

01 Oct 12:32 Automobiles  ·  Opel  ·  Astra  ·  Kičevo  ·  Drugovo


4 500 EUR

Year: 2005
Mileage: 200 000 - 249 999
15 May 01:11 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  Друга марка  ·  Intel Core  ·  Kičevo

Kompjuteri za igri i3 i5 i7 1151 1150

7 000 MKD Намалена цена

25 Jan 11:20 Machinery and Inventory  ·  Office Equipment  ·  Kičevo

Kancelariski mebel

4 800 MKD

15 Jan 09:14 Machinery and Inventory  ·  For Restaurants and Cafés  ·  Kičevo

Pekarska oprema

01 Apr 01:15 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo

Plac od 500m2 vo Kicevo

20 Nov 09:16 Houses and Villas  ·  Kičevo  ·  Drugovo

Kuka od 500m2 vo Kicevo

Number of rooms: 3
30 Oct 18:14 Collectibles  ·  Kičevo

Vilerovi gobleni

2 800 EUR

17 Jul 12:11 Wholesale Merchandise  ·  Plants and Agricultural Goods  ·  Kičevo  ·  Vraneštica

Balirano seno

09 Jul 17:13 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo

Plac od 1500m2

100 EUR

04 Jun 14:23 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo

Plac vo Kicevo

13 May 16:45 Automobiles  ·  Alfa Romeo  ·  Alfa 146  ·  Kičevo

Alfa Romeo

500 EUR

Year: 1996
Mileage: 10 000 - 14 999
20 Apr 15:56 For Kids  ·  Furniture and Accessories  ·  Kičevo

Detsko krevetce klub masa transporter .

4 000 MKD

21 Jan 15:40 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  Друга марка  ·  Intel Core  ·  Kičevo

Profesionalen desktop kompjuter so TecDoc

1 100 EUR

24 Nov 20:26 Houses and Villas  ·  Kičevo

Kuka vo Gorica

Number of rooms: 5
25 Aug 15:45 Houses and Villas  ·  Kičevo

Kuka i mesto vo centarot na Kicevo

Number of rooms: 6
19 Jun 11:56 Apartments  ·  Kičevo


500 EUR

Number of rooms: 3
31 May 18:35 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  Asus  ·  ROG  ·  Kičevo

Kompjuteri i inventar za internet caffe

19 Apr 16:26 Tools and Machinery  ·  Kičevo

Monofazna digalka

70 EUR

18 Apr 22:02 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo


12 Feb 00:11 Computers (complete)  ·  Laptops and Notebooks  ·  HP  ·  Drug model  ·  Kičevo  ·  Zajas

Hp laptop

300 EUR

12 Feb 00:11 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  Dell  ·  OptiPlex  ·  Kičevo

Kompjuteri Dell

06 Jul 11:41 Machinery and Inventory  ·  Other  ·  Kičevo


22 Jun 08:38 Other  ·  Kičevo  ·  Zajas

Llaktofrizer 500 litri

12 Jun 21:18 Machinery and Inventory  ·  Other  ·  Kičevo

VAGA do 500 kg

230 EUR Намалена цена

26 May 16:20 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  LG  ·  Drug model  ·  Kičevo


26 May 00:20 Apartments  ·  Kičevo

Dvosoboen stan vo Kicevo ITNO

30 000 EUR

Number of rooms: 2
Area: 60
07 Mar 17:58 Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles  ·  Other  ·  Kičevo  ·  Zajas


3 000 EUR

21 Apr 12:08 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo

Placovi na Osojski pat

12 Apr 13:37 Computers (complete)  ·  Desktops  ·  Друга марка  ·  Drug model  ·  Kičevo  ·  Drugovo

Poloven kompjuter PC

12 000 MKD

19 Jan 16:09 Automobile Parts and Equipment  ·  Tires and Rims  ·  Kičevo

Bandashi za pontiac

04 Jan 10:54 Wholesale Merchandise  ·  Plants and Agricultural Goods  ·  Kičevo

PAULOWNIA sertificirano seme

500 MKD

18 Oct 18:21 Other  ·  Kičevo

Brendirana sminka CHANEL LANCOME MAC

03 Apr 15:37 Audio Equipment  ·  Other  ·  Kičevo  ·  Oslomej

Kompletna audio tehnika

18 Nov 18:57 Automobiles  ·  Fiat  ·  Multipla  ·  Kičevo

Fiat Multipla Benzin i Metan 6 sedista -04

3 500 EUR

Year: 2004
Mileage: 200 000 - 249 999
13 Feb 19:11 Motorcycles (over 50cc)  ·  Scooter  ·  Друга марка  ·  Linben  ·  Kičevo

Skuter Herk 125cc

330 EUR

Year: 2008
12 Jan 21:03 Farms and Land  ·  Kičevo

Plac od 500m2 na Osojski pat - The biggest market for buying and selling online! fills its database with an increasing number of ads on a daily basis! A lot of individuals and companies, sell their products and services thru The high number of website visits, site's functionalities, great services, customer support, great pricies, and the special offer for companies, are just a part of the reasons why a lot of users throughout this country and abroad, have Pazar3 as their first choice of advertising platform for selling their products or services, or when looking to buy some kind of product or service.

Here, you can find a lot of used products, but also many new products and many different services. Pazar3 is the ideal place if you would like to buy or sell Cars, Tractors, Motorcycles, Campers, Exavators, Forklifts, Apartments, Villas, Construction plots, Fridges, Electrical stoves, Heaters, Wood stoves, Tools, Construction materials, Laptops, Job ads, Translations, and many, many other type of ads.

Part of the companies which advertise their products and services on are Domik Real estate, Astoria Real Estate, VIP Auto Spa, Kobra-T - sale of plasticised sheets, Benelux Tuning - sell of tires and rims, AutoWelt, - sell of cell phones and additional equipment, Eurogradba Asanoski - sell of machines and construction materials, Ledikom, Avto Buv, МТ-Auto, Agro GEA, and many, many other businesses offer its own products and services to the large audience of

More then 400.000 ads are being presented on! Here, you can find literally everything! Selling of cars, renting apartments, selling real estate, white appliances, pets, agricultural mechanization, attachable machinery, motorcycles, construction machines, PVC doors and windows, musical instruments, clothes, and many many other things, are being advertised on on a daily basis!

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If, for your search 500 | Wanted, For rent, For sale, Wanted for rent, Looking for a job, Hiring for a job, Exchange | Kičevo you haven't been shown with appropriate results, we recommend that you register an ad with which you will receive an offer for what you buy or sell.

If you are interesed in buying, register an ad with a title "Buying (name of product for which you would like to receive an offer for)", or have a look at all of the active ads according to your interest.

If, you are selling something, register an ad with a title "For sell (name of product that you are selling)", and expect to be contacted by the potentially interested buyers.

No matter if your are selling or buying - is the real place for you! With an audience that continuously increases on a daily basis, will surely help you to easily buy and sell in an EASY, SIMPLE AND FAST way!

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