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There are many new ads in different categories that are being registered on Pazar3 on a daily basis, as we are the biggest advertiser in the country. No matter if you are searching by keyword,category,or location, Pazar3 is the right place for you because our website has many users and numbers a lot of ads in many different categories. As the biggest online space for advertising, Pazar3 allows you to buy or sell in an easy and simple way!

Have a look at all of the ads based on your search: | For sale, Wanted | or register an ad now saying what it is that you buy or sell, and use all of the advantages that come by advertising on Pazar3.

18 Feb 15:37
Sports Equipment  ·  Bicycles  ·  Друга марка  ·  Drug model  ·  Skopje  ·  Chair

Se prodava velosiped Racer Road Bike

500 EUR

Yesterday 10:37
Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Кученца германски боксер

23 Feb 20:41
Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies / Лагото кученца - Lagoto

1 EUR Намалена цена

Today 01:21 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje

Мопс кученца

Yesterday 22:30 Pets  ·  Birds  ·  Ohrid

Jajca od Japonska prepelica

150 MKD

Yesterday 21:51 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje

Мопс кученца

Yesterday 21:36 Sports Equipment  ·  Winter and Water Sports  ·  Skopje  ·  Gazi Baba

Burton Moto & Burton Clutch

Yesterday 20:51 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje

Хавански кученца

Yesterday 19:18 Musical Instruments and Equipment  ·  Pianos, Keyboard Instruments and Accessories  ·  Casio  ·  CTK 1100  ·  Skopje  ·  Gazi Baba

Se prodava sintisajzer

6 500 MKD

Yesterday 17:44 Collectibles  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Se prodavaat povekje predmeti

Yesterday 17:29 Clothing and Shoes  ·  Woman  ·  Ohrid

Jakna od prirodno krzno

10 000 MKD

Yesterday 16:58 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Strumica

Се продаваат Малтезери / Maltezeri

11 111 EUR

Yesterday 15:37 Store Sports Equipment  ·  Bicycles  ·  Друга марка  ·  Specialized  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Specialized Riprock 20 детски

12 500 MKD

Yesterday 14:58 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom

SE PRODAVAAT MALTEZERI 0d 20.01.2024 leglo - 220evra

220 EUR

Yesterday 14:45 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Resen

Kuce Vucjak

Yesterday 11:52 Sports Equipment  ·  Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom

Baofeng Toki Voki BF 888S Radio Stanici 2 komada

1 500 MKD

Yesterday 11:36 Clothing and Shoes  ·  Man  ·  Skopje  ·  Gjorce Petrov

Се продаваат патики Addidas.

3 500 MKD

Yesterday 10:37
Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Кученца германски боксер

Yesterday 10:32
Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Štip

Angliski Bulldog malo 2 meseci

599 EUR Намалена цена

Yesterday 09:17
Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Aerodrom



Yesterday 09:05 Store Tourism and Events  ·  Skopje  ·  Butel


2 000 MKD

Yesterday 08:59 Watches and Accessories  ·  Unisex  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Najdobrite casovnici od poznatite marki, top ceni!

Yesterday 08:57 Sports Equipment  ·  Bicycles  ·  Trek  ·  Drug model  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Trek FX3

40 500 MKD

Yesterday 07:07 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Prilep

Americka Akita Америчка Акита!


Yesterday 02:47 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Ohrid

Lagotto Romagnolo


25 Feb 21:31 Clothing and Shoes  ·  Woman  ·  Štip

Grinders - Martens чизми женски 38 бр

1 000 MKD

25 Feb 21:26 Collectibles  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh


4 000 EUR

25 Feb 19:48 Sports Equipment  ·  Winter and Water Sports  ·  Skopje  ·  Gjorce Petrov

Snowboard komplet

20 000 MKD

25 Feb 18:56 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Štip

Zlaten retriver

1 MKD Намалена цена

25 Feb 17:58 Watches and Accessories  ·  Unisex  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Suunto 9 Baro Granite Blue Titanium

250 EUR

25 Feb 16:56 Musical Instruments and Equipment  ·  Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Gjorce Petrov

Presonus studio live 24.4.2

25 Feb 16:50 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje

Се продаваат Шит Цу (Shih Tzu) кученца


25 Feb 15:36 Sports Equipment  ·  Winter and Water Sports  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Се продаваат скии

150 100 120 EUR

25 Feb 15:16 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Skopje  ·  Kisela Voda


25 Feb 13:58 Watches and Accessories  ·  Man  ·  Skopje  ·  Butel

Apple Watch 8 - 45mm

310 EUR

25 Feb 10:16
Sports Equipment  ·  Other  ·  Skopje  ·  Centar

Rollshape - Bodyshape - Vacu Activ

3 000 EUR

25 Feb 08:36 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Berovo

Јоркширски териер Yorki


24 Feb 20:05 Sports Equipment  ·  Bicycles  ·  Друга марка  ·  Polar Mirage  ·  Skopje  ·  Kisela Voda

Velosiped detski

5 500 MKD

24 Feb 18:51 Collectibles  ·  Bitola

Album so postenski marki stari nad 60 godini.


24 Feb 17:35 Musical Instruments and Equipment  ·  Pianos, Keyboard Instruments and Accessories  ·  Petrof  ·  Classic  ·  Štip

Prodavam piano kako novo

1 500 EUR

24 Feb 17:22 Sports Equipment  ·  Bicycles  ·  Trek  ·  Drug model  ·  Skopje  ·  Karposh

Se prodava Trek road bike

680 EUR

24 Feb 17:05 Pets  ·  Dogs  ·  Štip

Angliski Bulldog Mazjak spremen za parenje

1 111 EUR

24 Feb 17:05 Sports Equipment  ·  Fitness and Workout  ·  Skopje

Продавам тајмер за спортска сала (Crosfit timer

16 000 MKD

24 Feb 12:17 Store Clothing and Shoes  ·  Woman  ·  Skopje  ·  Butel


8 000 MKD

24 Feb 11:57 Books, Textbooks and Magazines  ·  Skopje  ·  Gjorce Petrov

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